Kia Sportage 2009 - ESC OFF - light on with LED 2357 compatible replacements

The other day my wife's KIA Sportage STOP light went bad so decided to replace it what I did but with LED once (Sylvania LED 2357 compatible). Installed tested all good and shiny really very nice but always it a but in same day the ESC OFF light came on. First we thought that we switch it off but when we wanted to turned back on we couldn't. I started looking on the net for solutions and find some:
different people said different thinks but 2 jumped in my eyes.
1. -steering wheel angle sensor - can cause this light to come on (I was thinking it may be this...)
2. -the STOP light if are not working (none of the stop lights) that can cause the light to come on... but I just replaced them and ..... thinking hmm this just happened when I replaced with LED's

 no problem went to the Sedona mini van that has 2 sets of 2357 bulbs so I swapped them (one set) and voala the problem disappeared.
It seems like some cars don't like the LED replacement.

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