OneDrive keeps moving files to recycle bin by itself!

I just discovered that new files created and saved on onedrive for business after sync are moved to the recycle bin on my PC. The files were PDF and a Corel draw file both under 1MB in size. I'm using onedrive personal and business for years now and never have this issue. I was reading thru forums to see a solution but didn't found one.
 I'm the only user of this account and yes the onedrive it is synced via multiple devices however since this were brand new files just created nobody can say that were deleted from a mistake and bla bla like I saw on some answers from big gurus. Even if I do a restore from the recycle bin it put the file back in the bin just after a few seconds.
 At this point, my trust in onedrive went from 10 down to 0. This is a big no-no (we are talking here about business gents).

 So what know Microsoft?

 Update: Even is hard to believe but the issue was real. After I sent a hard feedback I got contacted by the MS tech support a few hrs later. After a few emails, I agreed to let them connect to my pc and they collected traffic info and logs when I was uploading the files and after they were moved to the recycle bin right after the sync was complete.
The files were never deleted completely but moved to the recycle bin. About 2 days after I got an email and they called me too to let me know that the problem was solved on there end and to check if the issue went away on my end too.
And yes it went away. Interesting is that I have 2 different domains one with 28 users and one with one user. The account with one user was affected only.

Update: 04.05.2020
Strange that after 2 years since my post these issues are still actual. The truth is that these issues show up for a very small amount of users but still.

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  1. Still happening, had a user call yesterday completely confused as to why every file from a 365 Team Drive was gone. Turns out, OneDrive likes moving files to his recycle bin.
    Restore or create a new file, gets uploaded, one minute later gets moved to recycle bin, gets removed in OneDrive.
    Logs seem clean, at least server side. Client side logs are...missing. Not "user tries to hide something" missing, just... not even created.
    Let's see what Unified Support will say.

  2. Having the same issue. My company is using MS Teams so there are multiple members and I am an admin. Teams files are being moved to my personal recycle bin. The strangest part of all is that I had files moved to my recycle bin from a Team that I didn't have access to. No one seems to know what's going on.

  3. onedrive just deleted all my files for last two months!! that is crazy, had to retrieve them from recycle myself but some are lost forever!!

  4. I have tried everything but OneDrive still moves files in the Recycle Bin. A bug that has been going on for ever.