Watching cable tv anywhere - KAON NA 1400HD remote setup with Slingbox 350!

This subject probably is not new anymore, however, I would like to share my experience.
Why? because of the type of the devices used and I know a lot of Romanians may want to watch their home channels but not just.

Since in my home country I have already cable tv I was thinking about how to watch those channels overseas.

Hardware used:
KAON 1400HD cable box  (from DIGI Romania) and a Slingbox 350

Pretty easy setup cabling-wise but not that easy to set up the remote. After a few tries, I found that the remote bin files from Kaon 1600HD worked (the link for the file here) however it worked for a while. Unfortunately, it stopped working after a few months and I couldn't make it work again.

On the Slingbox remote setup if you search after manufacture (In my case KAON) found few models listed but completely different from what I have, I tried them all and found one that worked with my Digi cable box Kaon NA 1400HD and is Kaon KFC-SA700PCO. Since then no issues and I can watch all the channels from my cable tv.

I wanted to specify this because as I know the KAON NA1400HD is made specifically for this TV provided and is a slide chance to find the exact bin file for the remote function.

This was my example but you can probably adapt to any other TV or Satellite box.

11/9/2020 Effective November 9, 2020, Sling Media’s Slingbox products will be discontinued.

To find a list of the Slingbox models subject to this decision and for additional details, please visit

Sling Media will continue to support existing users who remain under warranty.

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