SFP compatible modules for Mikrotik Routers

I was reading the other day about some question regarding what SFP module would work for the Mikrotik Routers.

I tested a Transition Network SFP (tn-glc-sx-mm-2k) on RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN

The module was detected and I was able to pair with another Transition Network SFP module (same model) installed in a Netgear Switch GS110TP.

The connection was established without any problems on full duplex 1GB.

I remember one of the questions from one of the blogs was what SFP module can he use to be able to pair it with his provider (I think he mentioned a Cisco gear on the other end.)?

I had the chance to play with this Transition Network modules on a project where we use them to connect to Cisco switches the Transition media converters.

This is the multimode version but they have single mode too.

This is the note from the datasheet:

"Note: The Transition Networks TN-GLC-SX-MM series small form factor pluggable
(SFP) transceiver modules are designed to install in any SFP port allowing for
1000Base-SX interfaces to the network through the SFP connector. The TN-GLCSX-
MM transceivers are Cisco Compliant* and are designed for bi-directional
serial-optical data communication such as Gigabit Ethernet or fiber channel at
speeds up to 1.25 Gbps.
*Transition Networks’ SFP modules fully comply with the Multi-Sourcing
Agreement (MSA). This compliance allows our SFP modules to be used in all other
MSA compliant SFP platforms. In addition, Transition Networks SFP modules are
also Compliant with all Cisco SFP-based routers and switches, as well as Cisco’s
IOS software. Transition Networks SFP modules ARE NOT Cisco OEM brand

so you should be able to use with most of the brands.

Another thing, I ordered a Mikrotik compatible SFP copper module from eBay (S-RJ01 MikroTik Compatible 1000Base-T SFP Transceiver module RJ-45 Copper).

I tested with the RB2011 and it was acting weird. Eventually, it worked but, I needed to disable the auto-negotiation otherwise didn't want to connect to another 1G port. Also, I notice that does NOT have (or is not working properly) link fault detection. Even with the cable disconnected it still shows as connected. The price was $16

Tested the copper SFP with the Netgear switch too and the behavior was the same, disconnected cable but was still showing link. (On the image below the fiber was connected  but the copper not)

The TN fiber module worked just fine right out of the box.

As I mentioned above, I tested only with the RB2011UiAS-2HnD-IN router, with other models may work or not.

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