Amazon Orders are late or never delivered...

Did you have issues lately with Amazon orders?
If not, you are lucky. I live in NM and all I can say that since Amazon changed the carries from FedEx to UPS deliveries literally they suck.

In the last 3 weeks, I ordered several times from Amazon and I'm making sure that is Prime so I choose the 2 days shipping, just like always. Well, lately the 2 days shipping is more like a week if your order actually is shipped at all. I got 2 orders that were showing in stock and then marked as shipped but then after a few days you are wondering what should be already here but when you check on amazon website you are getting a message like "On the way, but it's running late"

then when you check for "Track Package" you get the message below.

 However, when you check the tracking on the UPS website it shows that the product never left the facility.

In other cases, it takes a week to get the 2-day shipping.
I loved to buy from Amazon, it was very convenient, with the 2-day shipping get the order at the doorsteps but if this situation doesn't get better I will start using other websites or just go old fashion way.... go to a real store and walk around and enjoy it.

As I expected, got a refund for my order after 7 days (I place the order on 11/20/2019). The customer service is great but that not the point. I used to shop from Amazon because of the fast shipping, basically, it was saving time for me. Now after waiting a week I still need to go to the store to buy a mouse. 
Well, who knows UPS is at the beginning still with his new big customer and maybe after the holidays, will slow down a little and maybe will be back on track. 
I may be wrong but can't be just a coincidence that just after switching carries all these issues show up, in my case, from 3 orders 2 are not showing up, pretty sad.

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