Your Facebook Information


Did you ever take time and download your own Facebook information? Just as a curiosity.

I did the other day and what can I say... I found interesting info in that list.

Now with this policy change not even sure that I want to keep my Facebook account or not.

The problems are not just Facebook pretty much all social media have more info they probably should. 

Anyway, we live in a digital era so, in the end, we are allowing all this because we are addicted to this tech/services.

I'm a tech person myself and I spend a lot of time in front of the PC mainly work-related a little bit at home for reading news and personal emails. I use my phone mainly for conversations and email.

I will be honest with you, I log into my Facebook account ... maybe once a month and I don't feel that I missed much.

I know also that not everybody is like me... just look around, people walking looking down (to the phone). 

A friend walks by you and you don't even see him/her.

The advanced technology is good but I think only when used in the common-sense limits.

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