OBI Devices having authentication errors


Google voice issues with obi devices

The Obitalk devices lately are having authentication errors.

I was reading on Obi's forum that some of the OBI devices are not supporting google workspace authentication which it seems to odd because I'm using this device from years (since the OBI 100 came out) one OBI 200, one 202 and two 1022's. Didn't have any issues till about 2-3 weeks ago.

Since then as you can see in the attached pic above, the devices are losing connection or have authentication problems. Curious thing is that after a while are reconnecting and are working and then randomly the "connect fail" is back and so on.

This makes the OBI platform very unreliable lately.

In the attached pic I noted all the types of provides I have.

Google consumer, Google workspace, Call Centric, and Zadarma (Bulgarian telecom).

The most stable ones are call-centric and zadarma but as far as google seems doesn't mether if is a consumer account or business I have the same issues with both.

So not sure what's happening it is related or not to some changes in the OBI system (now Polycom)?

Anyway, I also noticed when I logged into my account obi account the following message on the top banner:

"As of March 10th, 2021, sign-ups and renewals for OBiEXTRAs are closed to new and existing customers. If you have an active 1-year or 2-year OBiEXTRAs subscription, you will be refunded in-full. For questions, please contact [email protected], be sure to include your OBiTALK Sign-In email and your 9-digit OBi No. for reference."

I must say Obi+Google voice was very useful for me in the past years so I'm hoping the problem will be fixed soon otherwise I will need to look into other options. 

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